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Vaping cases & bags make a world of difference in the way vapers carry their e-cigarettes. Imagine bringing your electric cigarette on the go without the proper case or bag, only to find out that the tank broke before reaching your destination! This is a reality that vapers face every day, making ecig cases & bags must-haves! These cases & bags truly ensure that your e-cig is not going to get scratched up or maimed as you travel. Making vapor clouds is nowhere near as great without knowing your device is going to make it to your next stop, making e-cigarette cases & bags just as important as the device you’re puffing on. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, you already know that has you covered on all of your case & bag necessities! We’ve done our research and carry cases & bags that we know will protect your devices as if they were our own. Whether going to your friend’s house down the street or across the world to Thailand, electric cigarette cases & bags are highly recommended for the vaper on the go! What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate. Check our stock of vaporizer cases & bags and place an order to protect your device today!