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Battery Chargers

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Aspire Pegasus Charging Dock
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Efest PRO C4 Charger
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Regular Price: $19.50

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Efest XSmart 1 Bay Charger
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Regular Price: $7.81

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VRK F2 Charger
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Efest LUC Mini 1 Bay Charger
16 Review(s)

Regular Price: $9.77

Special Price $6.83

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11 Item(s)

Vaping Battery Chargers are a necessity in the vaporizer industry and when you’re going through battery’s worth of power throughout the day, you’ll likely want to know that your charger is going to allow you to vape for hours on end! It’s true! The vapor production we all know and love must use power from somewhere and electronic cigarette battery chargers are where the power is found! E-cigarette batteries are charged lightning fast when using the proper charger for the batteries you have, meaning it is important to understand which battery charger you need if you plan on using your ecig throughout the day. Some possess certain features that will protect your batteries as well! Owning an e-cig is cool, but to keep it powered you’re definitely going to need an ecigarette battery charger to give you the juice you need to puff away through the day. Electric cigarettes definitely use a lot of juice, which is why we always recommend having battery chargers that can charge multiple batteries if your device uses 2 or more. That way, you can have multiple batteries on the charger ready to go when you need them! You’ll enjoy all that vaporizer battery chargers will do to keep your batteries charged and the vapor clouds forming!