About ecig.com

Founded in 2014, ecig.com was established at our first and flagship retail location in sunny Austin, Texas. Our mission is simple: to provide the vaping community with the highest quality products, at unbeatable prices, and all with the best customer service in the industry.

ecig.com was born out of necessity. We were frustrated by having to place orders from multiple different stores to get what we needed, tired of being gouged by vendors charging way over retail, and discouraged by companies who knew nothing about battery safety or couldn’t be bothered to return an e-mail.

Our business model was carefully crafted to directly address and combat each of these issues:

  • We strive to carry a vast and diverse range of vaping hardware so we can be your one stop shop.
  • We only employ experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate vapors.We take customer service very seriously. We believe customers should be able to confidently trust their retailers, and retailers should thoroughly appreciate their customer’s patronage.

Although our beginnings our humble, our aspirations are grand. Please browse our products at your leisure, and send us an e-mail with any questions or concerns. We look forward to showing you how highly we regard our customers, and to helping any smoker successfully make the switch to electronic cigarettes regardless of their budget.