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Standard Launch and how we’re going to lose $100,000




Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1 – Warren Buffett


When normal websites launch they are looking to recoup some of the money they spent on getting everything setup.  Inventory, employees, warehouse space, developer fees, etc. are all huge costs for a website like ours.  We’re not normal, and never will be. We strive to be the best source for ecigs and ejuices on the internet.

Over the last 3 months, we’ve spent countless hours and money on the development of our website. We’ve went through about three dozen logos, purchased multiple retail stores in Texas and spent numerous hours planning our retail expansion and online advertising plans.  It’s been a hell of a roller coaster, thats for sure.  Our goals for our stores, and online are to help people quit smoking and give back to the vaping community. To show our commitment to those goals we’re going to count down to $100,000’s in losses for our launch.   All prices will be set on every product BELOW our cost and free shipping offered on all items.

The launch date will only be sent to those who signed up for our mailing list here: .  The mailing list will be available for signup until the launch email is sent out, so I encourage you to sign up.  There will be a web page setup to track the losses, and display it to the world.  Once that # hits $-100,000, the default prices will be displayed.  All orders will be honored during the $100,000 loss. There will be a max order size of $500 per customer, to prevent other shops from buying lower than they could at their distributor.

If you miss the $100,000 mark do not worry, all our products will be placed ‘in sale mode’ which will still be heavily discounted.  Free shipping on all items will also stay as default.   We’ll be offering 24/7 support on our website, so if you need help in picking the right product, you can chat with us at any time.
This has been an exciting journey so far, and I am very happy that we’re almost ready to launch.   If you ever see any issue with our website, products or support from our agents, my personal email address is josh (at)  I welcome you to email me as customer satisfaction is what I personally strive for, and promise you will get that here.







What’s your story?

We get emails from time to time from people who visit our website about how they started using ecigs, why they started, how long it’s been since their last analog cigarette etc.   I’d like to share one that we received recently from Tim in Oklahoma:

To whom it may concern,

Two years ago I walked into my doctors office a strong (I thought) 31 year old male.  The only really vice I had was that I smoked, at that time for right at 15 years.   I had been coughing for the last 2 months and it had gotten worse.  My solution to the problem was to switch to light cigarettes instead of reds.  My wife’s solution to the problem differed, so off I went to the doctor.    After a few visual tests, I had to do some blood work and xrays.   A few days later my doc called me and told me that I had Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.. At 31 that was very unusual.
My last cigarette was that day.


A friend of mine had been using ecigs for a while, so I looked into them.  I had tried to quit smoking with the gums out there and patches, and even pills.  I could never kick it.   After a few hours searching online and talking to my friend, I picked up a eGo starter kit from a local store.  I’ve reduced my nicotine intake down to 6mg as of last week.   I saw my doctor for yet another checkup yesterday and wanted that is the reason I felt compelled to send this to you guys.   My doctor says my COPD has all but subsided, and I have bronchodilator for 6 months now.    I owe it all to switching to ecigs, and my wife of course :)
I hope this story reaches you guys, as we are forever grateful of the community and support in the ecig community.



What’s your story?



Clone Poll



We’ve learned a lot during the last couple of months about the eCig business and one of the things that keeps coming up is clones. They seem to be a well known, and somewhat approved way of doing business online and also in the retail stores. I’ve made a decision to only offer authentic mods here on and in our retail stores that we will be setting up, but I’d like to know how everyone felt about clones. Is this something that you’re ok with, paying less for a non authentic version of a mod? In most industries a clone of a product is frowned upon, is that how you see it in the eCig industry as well? Feedback is greatly appreciated. Are you willing to pay more for the real thing, or do you prefer clones due to lower cost?


Clone Poll
How do you feel about clones?

Things are coming along nicely!

I tell ya, it’s hard out here for a startup ecig company. We’re trying to get everything ready to launch the website and are running into hurdles that we had no idea about. Right now we’re trying to find a good merchant that will no rip us off with crazy fees that allows ecig’s. Most all the banks will not, and I’ve been in contact with quite a few “high risk” ones that are just ridiculous. If anyone out there knows of one, shoot me an email josh -@-

In other news, we’re set to open our first retail location in Austin, TX in the coming weeks. This is the first of many stores that we plan to open under the name. We’ll be in touch soon with details so all of the folks in Austin, TX can stop by and say hello.

The web design is coming along nicely, and it looks like we’re still on track for an August 1st launch. Keep checking Facebook and your emails for those that have signed up, we’re going to have the best prices you’ve ever seen for our launch.


What product lines would you like to see?

Good Monday morning to everyone!

We wanted to see what products you would like to see on  What’s your favorite ecig? Favorite Mod? Juice flavors?  Let us know, when we do the soft launch of our site, we’re planning on running a huge sale!


Coming Soon!

We’re working hard to deploy our new website.  Please subscribe to our mailing list for updates: 



eCig First Regulations Handed Down.

This morning it was announced that the FDA will be handing down the first regulations for e-cigarettes and ecig juice. For the last few years we have known that the FDA would sooner or later get involved, and finally it has happened.  We were a little nervous about what regulations would be passed down, however we feel that the industry does need to be regulated.

The regulations that are being imposed so far are:
Banning minors from purchasing eCigs and eCig juices. – I think this was a no brainer, and we do not know many shops that currently still do this.
No more free samples
Health warnings that will show that nicotine can be addictive
Product labels that disclose chemicals used in juice
FDA approval of eCig devices.  eCig makers will have to apply with the FDA within two years to keep their products in stores.  The FDA will rule on applications strictly, as it does on other “tobacco” products.
No ban on flavors – WIN!
No ban on Internet sales (whew)! – WIN!
No ban on advertisements.

The FDA plans a 75-day comment period before the regulations become final. Some provisions, such as requiring evidence of health benefits, will go into effect at that point. The agency then will allow two years for all other provisions to be effective.

We’re open for comments.