eCig First Regulations Handed Down.

This morning it was announced that the FDA will be handing down the first regulations for e-cigarettes and ecig juice. For the last few years we have known that the FDA would sooner or later get involved, and finally it has happened.  We were a little nervous about what regulations would be passed down, however we feel that the industry does need to be regulated.

The regulations that are being imposed so far are:
Banning minors from purchasing eCigs and eCig juices. – I think this was a no brainer, and we do not know many shops that currently still do this.
No more free samples
Health warnings that will show that nicotine can be addictive
Product labels that disclose chemicals used in juice
FDA approval of eCig devices.  eCig makers will have to apply with the FDA within two years to keep their products in stores.  The FDA will rule on applications strictly, as it does on other “tobacco” products.
No ban on flavors – WIN!
No ban on Internet sales (whew)! – WIN!
No ban on advertisements.

The FDA plans a 75-day comment period before the regulations become final. Some provisions, such as requiring evidence of health benefits, will go into effect at that point. The agency then will allow two years for all other provisions to be effective.

We’re open for comments.